Justin Bieber

11/18 Mexico City,MX
11/19 Mexico City,MX
11/23 Auckland,AUS
11/24 Auckland,AUS
11/27 Brisbane,Australia
11/29 Sydney,Australia
11/30 Sydney,Australia
12/02 Melbourne,Australia
12/03 Melbourne,Australia
12/05 Adelaide,Australia
12/08 Perth,Australia

Selena Gomez

9/07 London,GB
9/08 London,GB
9/11 Lisbon,PT
9/12 Madrid,ES
9/14 Frankurt,DE
9/16 Milan,IT
9/17 Vienna,AT
9/19 Minsk,BY
9/21 Kieuv,UA
9/23 Saint Petersburg,RU
9/25 Moscow,RU
10/10 Fairfax,VA
10/11 Pittsburgh,PA
10/12 Boston,MA
10/15 Buffalo,NY
10/16 Brooklyn,NY
10/18 Philadelphia,PA
10/19 Uncasville,CT
10/20 Newark,NJ
10/22 Hershey,PA
10/23 Louisville,KY
10/25 Nashville,TN
10/26 Atlanta,GA
10/27 Charlotte,NC
10/29 Sunrise,FL
10/30 Tampa,FL
11/01 San Antonio,TX
11/02 Houston,TX
11/03 Dallas,TX
11/05 Phoenix,AZ
11/06 Los Angeles,CA
11/08 San Diego,CA
11/09 Las Vegas,NV
11/10 San Jose,CA
11/12 Seattle,WA
11/14 Salt Lake City,UT
11/16 Broomfield,CO
11/17 Kansas City,MO
11/19 Indianapolis,MN
11/22 Rosemont,IL
11/23 Colombus,OH
11/26 Auburn Hills,MI
11/27 St,Louis,MO
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Vote for Justin at the EMAs 2012!
  • He’s nominated for Best Pop, Best Male, Best World Stage and Biggest Fans. Vote here.
Only One More Day to Vote for Justin for the Video Music Awards!

Justin has been nominated for: Best Pop Video & Best Male Video. You can vote here and here.

VMA voting: If you live outside of the US…

download THIS for your votes to count! Vote for Selena here, and Justin here and here

Vote for Justin for the Video Music Awards!

Justin has been nominated for: Best Pop Video & Best Male Video. You can vote here and here.

Vote for Selena & Justin at the 2012 2012 Do Something Awards!


Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez 

At 18, Selena Gomez became UNICEF’s youngest ambassador and she recently became an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which serves to enhance the quality of life for seriously ill and injured children through programs that utilize multimedia and interactive platforms. Recently, Justin Bieber made a Christmas pledge of almost $10,000 to help sick children at Aukland’s Starship Children’s Hospital. To vote, just click here.


Selena Gomez & UNICEF 

Selena harnessed the power of her Facebook fans to fight hunger and malnutrition in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa, urging her fans to donate money to provide therapeutic food and medicine for impoverished children in the region. To vote for her, click here!


For his 18th birthday, Justin asked his 17-million twitter followers for donations to My Charity Water, ultimately raising $18,000 to help build clean water projects in developing countries. To vote for him, click here.

Vote for Justin & Selena on Portrait’s Top 20 Most Beautiful Inside and Out 2012

Click here to vote!

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